When looking at statistics based on the previously presented definition and measured by Olweus' student survey (or other studies using his instruments), we find great variations in the prevalence (how much at any given time) of bullying. The HBSC studies done in 2006 across 40 European countries, show bullying rates from about 40% to down towards 7% among school children (age 11,13,15 both girls and boys).

It is common to find more younger students exposed to bullying than older. Boys are usually more exposed to bullying than girls. The proportion of students bullying others are more stable across grade levels.

In the countries where the Olweus program has been implemented systematically, we have more detailed information about the prevalence of bullying.

Percentage of boys (left) and girls (right) being bullied in different European countries (from HBSC article linked to in the text)