Olweus program

"Changing the social fabric of the school" (Dan Olweus)

The Olweus Program consists of elements on three levels: The Whole School Level, The Classroom Level and The Individual Level. A shared, evidence-based understanding and good practical skille among adults in handling bullying are key objectives. Students and homes are involved in the continuous efforts to keep bullying and other antisocial behavior at the lowest possible level. Promoting pro-social behavior, and preventing and solving actual cases of bullying are achieved through the use of scientifically testet tools. The program is systematically implemented with the aid of higly skilled professionals.

Based on research

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) rests upon rigoruos scientific studies of bullying and violence. The larger scientific community agrees that

  • bullying is abuse and not a  conflict
  • bullying is when someone is intentionally hurt again and again by some who is/are in a stronger position
  • bullying can have many forms, but verbal face-to-face bullying is the most common
  • those who bully are usually students with an extra appetite for power or dominance
  • the one who is being bullied is usually an ordinaty student without any unusual characteristics, but one who is in a weaker position

 Bullying occurs less often in schools where the staff has

  • a shared understanding of what bullying is
  • common limits to unacceptable behavior
  • well developed abilities to communicate with students about unacceptable behavior
  • learned and practiced personal abilities to intervene non-aggressively but effectively
  • good routines for documenting and following up cases and incidents
  • open and frequent contact with parents / caretakers

One program - and the whole program

All compulsory elements of the program must be implemented and in use for the school to claim that it uses the Olweus Program. Read about the different levels and the implementation process, the Olweus Quality Assurance System (OQAS) and the evaluation studies proving that it works. You will find the different topics in the menu to the left.