Olweus System for Quality Assurance

Maintaining the good practice which has been established through a completed implementation with high degree of fidelity. is the greater challenge in the long run.

The Olweus System for Quality Assurance (OQAS) has been developed as a tool-kit to secure that the Olweus Program is being followed in the years after the initial high-focus period of the implementation period. OQAS provide an 12 item Olweus Standard - a summary of the tasks to be performed, some on a routine basis and others when situations occur. The twelve items summarize the Best Practice for schools to stop and prevent bullying based on scientific studies and practical experience from trousands of schools..

Furthermore, the OQAS provides a documentation scheme for the school to verify that the Standard is followed in everyday life. Documentation is simple, quick but sufficient. The school may request an Audit every other year to obtain an official certification as an Olweus School.

As of august 2012, some 85 schools in Norway and Sweden have been certified, and a number of schools in Lithuania will have their certification Audits during fall 2012.