Hvad Olweus programmet erbjuder

Olweus international offers several services related to the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP):

Implementation of the OBPP

In order to make use of the OBPP, the program needs to be implemented into the school with a high degree of fidelity. Olweus international holds exclusively the international rights to implement the OBPP (except for North America and Norway). We adhere strictly to the model of implementation prescribed by the program creator, Dan Olweus. Read more about implementing the OBPP in a school or several schools in a region.

Quality Assurance for the OBPP

For schools which already have implemented the program, Olweus International offers a scheme for Quality Assurance including an optional Certification as an Official Olweus School. Read more about what this quality assurance means, and how a school can apply this scheme and achieve certification.

Community or single school assessment

For schools or communities which wants to assess their own level of bullying problems, and their readiness to apply the OBPP, Olweus International offers a one-time assessment package including the use of the Olweus Student Survey with acompanying analyses and the presentation of a report to the school management or local administration. This may be an option for communities or single schools still in the process of deciding wether to go for an implementation of the OBPP or another program. This assessment implies no obligations to implement the OBPP or other services from Olweus International.

OBPP re-vitalisation

Some schools have implemented the OBPP several years back, and have lost much of the qualities established previously. For schools whick are in this situation, a full new implementation may not be needed, but a re-vitalisation process is neccessary before the school can apply the Quality System directly. We tailor the re-vitalisation process after discussions with school leadership and representatives from the staff and parent communities.

Olweus Student Survey only

The Olweus Student Survey is a part of the OBPP and is taken before or at an early stage of any implementation, and as an annual procedure in the years that follow. But for schools which are in the decision process about implementing a program to counter bullying, taking this survey may be an option. Read more about the possible gains and the prerequisites for taking the survey independently of the OBPP or the OQAS.