Anti-bullying initiative in Bulgaria

A group of womens activists in Bulgaria lead a series of forcefull and important initiatives in the Bulgarian society to improve the lives of people in general, and children and youth in particular. Olweus International has been invited two years in a row to contribute at conferences held by this group, for teachers and administrators at all levels. The theme of bullying has been central in the work of the group. With a limited budget as a NGO organization, the group has still managed to produce a school manual about how to counter bullying. Olweus International is supporting the work of the group, hoping to be able to provide more assistance and a closer collaboration it the future.

Here, two senior Olweus Trainers, Ieva Dulinskaite from Vilnius in Lithuania (to the right) and Helene Olofsson from Sjöbo in Sweden (to the left) are seen together with the leader of the group, Jivka Marinova. The picture was taken in June, 2011.