Virginia study shows Olweus program reduces bullying and improves academic performance in schools

A recently published study by a team of American scientists presents positive results from a five year follow up of schools having used the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. A total of 94 schools throughout the state of Virginia with a total of 94.400 students were included in the study, 63% of the schools reported reduced frequency of students beeing bullied, 75% of the schools reported reduction in the percentages of students bullying others.

Another finding from the study was that standardized test scores improved on tests in English, math, science and history among the schools which implemented the program completely. Also in the schools which did only a partial implementation, these test scores rose.

This is the first large scale study of the effects of the Olweus program in the US in later years. The Olweus program is currently in use in more than 6000 schools in the US, and more than 700 Olweus Instructors ("Trainers") have been certified in the US. 14 states have formed a statewide partnership with the Olweus Bullying Prevention program, hosted by the Institute of Family and Neighbourhood Life at Clemson University, Colorado. (Source:

Fact-sheet from the Virginia project