Our major implementation projects

Major projects assisted by Olweus International have been completed in several European countries. Work started in Sweden in 2002. As of fall 2012, 191 Swedish schools have implemented the program. 68 instructors have been trained, Find out more...


In Iceland, large scale implementation started in 2004. As of 2012 a total of 110 schools in the country have implemented the program. Two groups of instructors were trained with the assistance from Owleus International, The Icelandic Olweus organization have trained more instructors thereafter Read more about the Icelandic Olweus work. And if you read Icelandic, you will find usefull information on the www.olweus.is.


in 2007 a national Olweus project was initiated in Lithuania. The initiative was supported by the government, and hosted with the Center for Special Needs Education and Psychology (SPPC) in Vilnius.  As of fall 2012 around 440 school have implemented the program, and more than 100 instructor have been trained. Four senior instructors are now giving support and developing the work further in Lithuania.


The program has a wide user base in the US and North America, skillfully supported by Clemson University, South Carolina.

In Norway, where the program was developed, a large number of schools have applied the program. If you read Norwegian, you may appreciate the pages of the Norwegian Olweus Group.


Four Swedish senior instructors
Lithuanian senior trainer Laurynas Zakevicius is also a dancer and has promoted anti-bullying work in shows and on television