"We will keep this program and go on using it"

The statement was made in 2010 by Gintaras Steponavicius, the Lithuanian Minister of Education and Science, referring to the impressive work the staff at Lithuanian schools had invested in the Olweus project. The results in reduced bullying have been equally impressive since then.


The Lithuanian Olweus Project was initiated in 2007 as a national initiative. The project was funded by the country’s Ministry of Education, and hosted at the National Centre for Special Needs Education and Psychology (SPPC). The program has since been spread throughout the country. In spite of the challenges of adapting the Scandinavian material to Lithuanian language and culture, the program has been adopted by most school staff and (school) principals.


In 2008, two groups of instructors started their training in Klaipeda and Vilnius, also covering the city of Kaunas. In 2008, the first group of instructors supported 29 schools in implementing the program.  Une year later, two new groups of instructors were recruited from a wider geographical area. They gave support to another 64 schools throughout many municipalities. The Olweus Student survey, which is carried out in November every year, confirms that the first group of schools has enjoyed a reduction of bullying at an average of 27% relative to the starting values. The second group of schools could demonstrate a 20% relative reduction at the same time, having worked with the program for only one year, in November 2010.


Certified schools

More schools in Lithuania have received certification as Olweus schools during spring 2013. We extend our congratulations to these newly certified schools:

  • Alytus Volungės secondary school
  • Alytus Panemunės secondary school
  • Alytus Piliakalnio secondary school
  • Jonava Justino Vareikio secondary school
  • Jonava Raimundo Samulevičiaus progymnasium
  • Kaunas Atžalyno middle school
  • Kaunas Vyturio catholic middle school
  • Kaunas Aleksandro Stulginskio school - multifunctional centre
  • Kaunas r. Domeikavos gymnasium
  • Kaunas r. Neveronių middle school
  • Kaunas r. Vilkijos gymnasium
  • Kaunas Veršvų middle school
  • Mažeikiai Merkelio Račkausko gymnasium
  • Skuodas Bartuvos gymnasium
  • Telšiai Džiugo gymnasium
  • Telšiai r. Varnių Motiejaus Valančiaus gymnasium
  • Utena Aukštakalnio progymnasium
  • Utena Krašuonos progymnasium
  • Utena Rapolo Šaltenio progymnasium
  • Vilnius Jono Basanavičiaus gymnasium
  • Vilnius Lazdynų middle school
  • Vilnius Žemynos progymnasium

Previously, a number of schools in Lithuania has been certified according to the Olweus System for Quality Assurance (OQAS). A total of 17 of these schools receives their certificates by the end of September 2012. These are the first Lithuanian schools which have demonstrated in an audit that they apply all the twelve elements of the Olweus Standard and that they follow the OQAS. These schools are:

  • Kaunas Versmės middle school
  • Kaunas Jėzuitų gymnasium
  • Kaunas Kovo 11-osios middle school
  • Klaipėda Gabijos progymnasium
  • Klaipėda Martyno Mažvydo progymnasium
  • Klaipėda Prano Mašioto progymnasium
  • Klaipėda r. Dovilų secondary school
  • Klaipėda r. Priekulės Ievos Simonaitytės gymnasium
  • Klaipėda Sendvario secondary school
  • Klaipėda Simono Dacho progymnasium
  • Vilnius Ąžuolyno progymnasium
  • Vilnius Antakalnio gymnasium
  • Vilnius Antakalnio progymnasium
  • Vilnius Baltupių progymnasium
  • Vilnius Jeruzalės middle school
  • Vilnius Šeškinės middle school
  • Vilnius Žygimanto Augusto secondary school

The certification these schools have achieved gives them the right to call themselves "Certified Olweus Schools". They join the exclusive group of about 160 schools worldwide which holds the golden seal of the Olweus School Certificate.