18 Swedish schools certified as «Olweus Schools»

Even though Swedish bullying levels have been among the lowest in the world, most of the schools using the Olweus program in Sweden have experienced a reduction in bullying.


Besides Norway, Sweden has the highest number of Olweus schools (apart from the US). A large number of Swedish schools have now also started using the Olweus System of Quality Assurance, and in 2010, 18 Swedish schools were certified as «Olweus Schools», which means that they comply with the Olweus Standard for high quality work against bullying.


Several Swedish municipalities have taken up the program during the last decade. In 2002, four schools in Gothenburg started implementing the program, assisted by two instructors trained in Oslo. Sollentuna, north of Stockholm, together with Sjöbo in the south of Skåne, were the first municipalities to have the program implemented in a large number of their schools, starting in 2005. The city of Helsingborg made a commitment to install the program in all of its schools, starting in 2008 and continuing throughout 2010, having 10 instructors trained to assist all of their 32 elementary schools in implementing the Olweus program.

Even more schools using the program

Other municipalities in Sweden have been using the program since 2008: Krokom, Nora, Huddinge, Österåker, Stockholm, Sundbyberg and Östhammar. A new group of instructors are now starting their training right outside of Stockholm, as one of the larger municipalities in the area, Södertälje, has decided to use the program in a large number of their schools.