Implementing the OBPP

The decision to use the Olweus program must come from the school leadership and / or the school owner. We recommend that the entire school leadership and more than 50% of the school staff have a favourable attitude to the program and its use for an implementation to be started. An agreement must be made with Olweus International, or with an existing national organization certified to undetake such implementation, or directly with a certified Olweus Instructor..

In order to harvest the good effects of the OBPP, the program needs to be well established into the school and with a high degree of fidelity. Olweus international as adheres strictly to the model of implementation recommended by the program creator, Dan Olweus.

Implementing the OBPP is a process which lasts typically one and a half year. It involves first and foremost all school staff, but also students and parents / caregivers. It needs to be ssisted by an Olweus instructor. Several organizational structures needs to be put into operation in the school, and seveal of the school staff are givens specific tasks and roles. A student survey is taken anually, and study materials must be obtained.