Activities in the implementation phase

The implementation phase of the OBPP is defined as the period from the school starts working with the program, and for one and a half year ahead untill the staff has completed their training and all components of the program has been established. The end ofg the implementation phase is usually marked by the start of the use of the Olweus System for Quality Assurance, OQAS.

Some work before the main start-up

For the school, the work usually will start towards the end of spring term. At this time the school discusses with the instructor how the work will be organized in the fall. Composition of the Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee will be discussed between principal and instructor, appointing a school Olweus Coordinator is on the agenda, and the time for the first (basline) Studen Survey will be laid down. Many schools choose to do this survey in spring this first year, other schools place it in the middle of the fall term.

Fall term (1) first year

All staff is informed about the program early in fall term, so is students and parents / homes. Group leaders for the SSG's are given two days training by the school's instructor, and some time in september the SSG's are having their first meetings. The BPCC members have also been given some training by the school's instructor, and the BPCC will also meet in fall term discussing the implementation in general and discuss their roles, suggest local program adaptations and discuss presentations of the program at parent meetings and in other fora during fall. Some schools take the first time Student Survey some time in october - november, Class meetings according to the OBPP are initiated late in fall term.

Spring term (2) seccond year

By now the program has a lot of attention in the school, the SSG's are meeting regularly and Class Meetings OBPP style are held in all classes. Staff members are intensifying supervision during breaks, and routines are applied and adjusted when neccessary. A school conference may be planned for late spring or some time next fall term.

Fall term (3) seccond year

Staff training moves on from regular study activities towards peer consultation work, and experiences from using the program components are discussed in the SSG's. The BPCC discusses possible adjustments to the routines and the implementation process in general. The OQAS which has been partially applied is now more completely put into place. The BPCC and the school leadership are planning for handing over the program from the BPCC to the principal as a continous operational procedure. The BPCC collects information from the SSG's to determine wether the implementation can be regarded as complete by end of this term. The students take the Student Survey the seccond time (if first time was spring first year).