Signing an agreement about the implementation

The school signs a contract with the municipality or region where they will implement the program along with other schools. In some instances where individual schools wants to implement the program, the school signs this contract directly with Olweus International Ltd.

The contract states that the school will follow the basic advice about organizing the program in the school. It also states that the school has a working agreement with a certified Olweus instructor (or an instructor in training) who shall be the guide for the school during the implementation period. The contract states that all staff training shall be within working hours, and that staff with special tasks in the program (the instructor, the coordinator, SSG leaders), all shall be compensated for the time they put into their work with program. The contract also specifies the duration of the implementation period, and it specifies what the school will have to pay for materials and use of the Olweus dataweb for student and teacher surveys.

Success is usually more predictable when several schools implement the program in a municipality, a region, a country or within an organization (private schools). It is both more costly and requires a lot more determination for a school to do this alone. But of course: We don'yt like to say no to anyone wanting to use the best program to provide the greatest safety to their students.