Study- and informational materials

All staff members will participate in the staff training in the SSG organized in the school. The Staff Handbook, a textbook by Dan Olweus and additional supplemental material is needed for each participant. In addition to that, the school will need copies of some DVD's containing films for use with the students and also adults in the school and parents / caregivers.

SSG-leaders will get trainingf or their work as such, and they will be supplied with additional material. The school's instructor has received more background material and will have access to recent publications in the field of bullying, which can be forwarded to the schools.

In the pedagogical communities in the countries currently using the program, a rich flora of support materials is being developed by Olweus instructors and others with hands-on experience with the program. Olweus International and regional coordinators may be of help when you are searching for these highly usefull and often very practical tools.