The Olweus Instructor

A central agent in the implementation of the Olweus program is the instructor. This is a person recruited from the schools or school administration in the municipality or region, or from the organization if the school is not a public school.

An Olweus Instructor provides training, advice and information to the school in accordance with a well defined scheme. The Instructor gives thorough traing to those staff members who are to function as Study and Supervision Group leaders. The principal and school leadership is given information and advice from the Instructor about the implementation project, about the program itself, and is also offered specific advice in difficult cases of bullying when the implementation has not yet been completed. The Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee is also given a one day training in the program, and the school is assisted by the Instructor towards the end of the implementation period to formulate a local school policy regardingbullying prevention, and to establish the Olweus System for Quality Assurance if the school decides to use that.