What are the costs of implementing and using the OBPP?

The costs for and Olweus-project in a country / region will consist of three main components:

  • The time spent by the whole school staff and the instructors giving / receiving training
  • The costs for setting up instructor training as described in the paragraph above
  • The costs for the staff manuals, other materials and dataweb access  for the schools

The time spent by the staff (studying, giving/receiving supervision, and performing in the program) should be within working hours. The Olweus model does not support using the staff’s free time to undergo the necessary competence build-up and procedure follow-up prescribed in the program. An estimation of 75 minutes as an average per working week from September (one month into the academic year) and for three semesters onward is to be used during the implementation phase.

The Study- and Supervision Group leaders and the coordinator should be given another 30 minutes per working week for the whole period from May – December (20 months) plus an extra five full days for the specific training they will receive from the instructor.

The instructor should be relieved 10% of his/her workload or given a corresponding compensation for supervising one school, and an extra 5% for each additional school.


The costs for setting up a training program will need to be negotiated with Olweus International Ltd. in each case, depending on the division of labour between a local / national coordinating group and Olweus International Ltd.. The latter may provide training, lectures, supervision and support related to the instructor-tasks targeting the first group of schools these instructors will assist. It also includes all materials, written and electronic as well as the instructors’ access to the Olweus dataweb.

All staff members of the participating schools will need their own staff manual, a textbook and schools will need copies of other materials (Video/audio). The prices and the availability of the material in the language in question can be obtained upon request.