Olweus dataweb

Olweus dataweb is a web based survey system which allows schools to take surveys among students (later also faculty/staff and parents) and to report the results back to the school. Municipalities and regions may also use the system for their schools and look at results for multiple schools combined.

Olweus dataweb has been designed with the school in mind. The system stores and reports back the survey responses by school years, grade levels, subdivisions within the school, and of course gender. When setting up the survey for the school, administrators in the school can predefine what language the respondent will have the items presented to them on the screen. Respondents - students - will get their personal password which can be used for re-entry inot the system untill the students has answered the last question in the survey. Staff and faculty can have their own user profiles according to their tasks with the survey within the school, and they may prepare survey rounds and retrieve results in detailed and elaborated formats.

The Student Survey on bullying developed by professor Dan Olweus is the central instrument around which the system has been built. This survey is the most widely used and most thoroughly tested student survey on bullying with a worldwide user base exceeding a million records. The survey has questions or items related to the following issues (please note that these are not the actual items or questions):

  • Have you been bullied lately?
  • In you have, in what ways and what places have you been bullied?
  • If you have, how has it affected you?
  • If you have, was it by older/younger/same age students? By boys/girls?
  • If you have, have you talked to someone about it? To whom?
  • Have you bullied other students lately?
  • In you have, in what ways and what places have you bullied other students?
  • If you have been involved in bullying lately, does anyone in the school faculty /staff know?
  • If you have been involved in bullying lately, does your parents / adults at home know? Friends? Siblings?
  • If you have been involved in bullying lately, have school and home been in contact about it?
  • How has school faculty / staff handeled bullying (yours if relevant or generally in the school)?
  • What are your / your fellow students' attitudes towards bullying?

The survey also contains some other questions on friendship relations and social integration in the student groups.

When presented to the students on-screen, the time it takes to complete it is about 25-30 minutes for the younger ones (typical figures for 3rd and 4th graders), and 15-20 minutes for the older students (typical figures for 7th-10th graders). The survey is to be completed in a classroom setting with adults present.

Not untill 6 weeks into the term

As the survey referes to "lately" (more precisely described in the actual survey), the students are instructed to think of a period in recent memory when the shall report about bullying. Therefore, the survey should be taken no sooner than about 6 weeks into the fall or spring term, in order for the social relations in the class to stabilize after the recent major vaccation.

Results immediately upon completion

As soon as the last student has completed the survey in the school, resuts may be produced and retrieved. Report formats allow for time-line data, showing up to three survey rounds of surveys in one printer formatted output.