Quality Assurance

As with most other efforts to change organizational behavior, the beneficial effects of an OBPP implementation tends to wear off after years of no systematic follow-up.

The Olweus Quality Assurance System (OQAS) was developed with that as a backdrop. OQAS offers a 12-item Olweus Standard, specifying Best Practice for schools to counter bullying. Furthermore, the OQAS contains tools to document the bullying preventive work in the school. The annual Olweus Student Survey is an integral part of the OQAS

OQAS is a management tool, enabling the school leadership to verify that the school works in compliance with their commitment to counter bullying as well as national and international laws and regulations. The principal will at all time have access to updated documentation.

For class teachers, the OQAS means a burden of documentation estimated to 5 minutes of on-screen work / paperwork per month. This includes logging class meetings and checking off fulfilled obligations to cover bullying in meetings and conferences with students parents.

For other staff the burden of paperwork is less than this.

After having applied the OQAS for some time, the school may seek certification. Olweus International (or local representing organizations) arrange for an audit to be held in the school. When the compliance is above a given level, the school receives Certification valid for two years.

A growing number of court-cases in seveal countries over the past couple of years show the need for schools to ascertain that they live in compliance with Best Practice, specified in the Olweus Standard.

Interventions and activities proven effective in numerous scientific studies make up Best Practice. The Olweus Quality Assurance System has been developed to aid school organizations to maintain Best Practice over time with maximum precision and minimum time investmentes for staff.